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Bennington: The Definition of Luxury Performance

The Bennington Advantage: Quality Construction

In a sea of pontoon builders, Bennington stands tall, and there's a good reason for that. The secret lies in their superior construction techniques. While others may screw their hulls together, Bennington employs their exclusive THRU-BOLT™ technology on every hull. This ensures significantly less flex, providing a stable ride for years of boating pleasure and safety.

Thicker cross channels, unique to Bennington, offer more vertical strength, minimizing twisting and delivering the most solid, quiet pontoon ride in the industry. Paired with first-class upholstery and Simtex™, a soft-to-the-touch premium vinyl found in world-class yachts, Bennington interiors are not only durable but also luxurious. The ergonomic design and a blend of high-density foam create the perfect combination of support and comfort.

Tailored Performance for Every Adventure

Bennington doesn't just offer pontoon boats; they provide a tailored experience for every adventure on the water. With a variety of pontoon configurations and added features like Performance Foils and Lifting Strakes, you can customize your boat to match your specific needs. Lifting Strakes add lift, decrease splashing, and increase top speed by as much as 4.8 miles per hour, depending on engine selection. These features not only enhance acceleration, top speed, and stability but also elevate the turning performance, especially during heavy banking.

Unmatched Warranty Protection

What sets Bennington apart is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Backed by the industry's strongest warranty protection, Bennington offers a lifetime structural + 10-year bow-to-stern warranty. This covers 100% materials, parts, and labor with no pro-rating, no third-party hand-offs, and no hidden clauses. It's a true peace of mind knowing that Bennington has you covered.

Versatility in Options

With over 300 different floor plans ranging from 18 to 30 feet and six variations of performance pontoon packages, Bennington ensures that you can fine-tune a boat to fit exactly what you and your family need. Our Bennington Showroom at the North Idaho Boat Show will be a testament to the wide range of options available for you to explore.

New Additions for 2024: More Room, More Options

Excitingly, Bennington has revamped their SV line with a new exterior appearance and introduced their most popular floor plan, the Swingback, to the Value Series. This means more room to relax and increased storage options. The Swingback bench offers guests a chance to face the bow, while a lounge facing aft lets them relax in comfort with convenient cupholders on both sides.

Adding to the thrill, Bennington now offers a twin motor setup on their 8 ½ and 10-foot beam R and Q Series boats. This unique pontoon boat experience truly embodies Bennington's slogan of "Luxury Performance Boats." Matched with the Yamaha Helm Master System, it provides 100% full control of your boat's movements, ensuring precision at slower speeds and stress-free docking. Auto Pilot, Stay Point (GPS Anchor) and Joy Stick Control are just a few of Helm Master’s key features that we love.  The intuitive Joystick system allows you to maneuver your boat with precision at slower speeds.  3” to the port side, no problem.  Pivot on a dime, no problem.  The joystick takes the stress out of docking your Bennington Twin Motor. 

Tobler Marina: Your Gateway to Bennington Luxury

At Tobler Marina, we take pride in being the home to Idaho's ONLY Yamaha Master Certified Technicians. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond showcasing the best boats; we offer top-notch service to keep your Bennington in prime condition.

We can't wait to show you what Bennington and Tobler Marina can do to make your days on the water better. Join us at the North Idaho Boat Show and let the Luxury Performance of Bennington redefine your boating experience. See you there!


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